traditional divination and life essence interpretation

With an abundance of fairly proficient fortune tellers and prognosticators working the internet these days, why toss my own pointy purple hat into this rather vast cyber ring? Mainly because doing Tarot readings, or throwing coins for an I Ching, or deducing someone’s numerical essence, has always served as welcome diversion from continuing research on the World Clock.

If you investigate these metaphysical systems for long, likely you’ll start witnessing strange synchronistic events popping up too… sometimes with alarming frequency. So why in this modern techno-culture world should we feel the need for a Daily Horoscope fix? Why is some resonant cord plucked with some obscure reference to Astrology, Tarot and Numerology viewed in popular media? Perhaps because deep down we still believe if we could just tap into our intuitive knowing, we might actually have a slightly better than even chance at beating those fateful odds! So then, let’s find out together.

In each of these separate sections, I’ll attempt to explain what services I can provide online, so far as individual readings, along with my own unique interpretations of the I Ching, Tarot cards, and Numerology.